Tim Gollner Named Associate Auditor for Quality Management Systems by Exemplar Global Certification

Tim Gollner, President/CEO, Quality Management as a Service, LLC, recently received the Associate Auditor of Quality Management Systems Certification designations from Exemplar Global Certifications.

An Exemplar Global certification provides you the proof you need to succeed and stand out from the crowd.

Our global personnel certification programs cover popular management systems such as quality, workplace safety, environmental, and a number of food safety systems. We also cover a wide range of industry and government-specific programs, including heavy vehicle auditing, bus operator auditing, laboratory assessors, and regulatory food safety auditors. Our certifications apply to system specialists, auditors, consultants, assessors, and professional trainers.

Ongoing customer surveys tell us that gaining personnel certification will enhance your career, providing independent proof of your knowledge, skills, and attributes in your chosen field. In fact, it is the number one reason why people choose to gain certification.

For more information about the Exemplar Global Certifications, visit exemplarglobal.org

For more information about Quality Management as a Service, visit QMaaS, LLC..

The Exemplar Global Difference

Become recognized as a professional in your industry through Exemplar Global. Exemplar Global collaborates with industry leaders and governing bodies to provide globally recognized professional credentialing and certification services that drive consistent levels of excellence to support you and the industry as a whole. We believe that the right people with the right competencies deliver the right outcomes.  Visit exemplarglobal.org


Tim Gollner
Quality Management as a Service, LLC

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