CMMI DEV Implementation Services

CMMI-DEV: CMMI for Development

CMMI for Development is a framework for any organization that builds products and/or services. Organizations that are involved with developing may include hardware and software companies, aerospace or automobile manufacturers, defense, telecommunications, etc. CMMI-DEV applies to all organizations that must consider design and engineering during the development of a product or service.

An organization would benefit from employing CMMI-DEV when guidance is needed to become more efficient due to customer demand to provide better products more rapidly and less expensively. The speed of technology and constant updates and introductions of new products has created a knowledgeable consumer who expects more with less. This demand coupled with more complex products and services places a burden on organizations that must be able to manage this process which often involves integrating and acquiring products from a large network of providers.
CMMI for Development includes process areas that encompass four categories:

  • Engineering
  • Process Management
  • Project Management
  • Support

Improve Performance with CMMI for Development

A common methodology that may be adopted for introducing process control and improvement is the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) framework. CMMI is a process approach that provides organizations with the appropriate processes to improve their performance. CMMI was developed by a group of experts from industry and government; CMMI may be applied to a wide variety of organizations, from small to large, across multiple sectors.

  • CMMI for Development (CMMI-DEV) Provides a Detailed, Integrated Framework for Organizations that Develop Products and Services
  • CMMI for Service (CMMI-SVC) Provides a Comprehensive Set of Processes for Organizations that Provides Services

Benefits of a CMMI Appraisal

The CMMI frameworks provide guidance to help organizations provide decreased costs, improved on-time delivery, improved productivity, improved quality, improved customer satisfaction, and an impressive return on investment. In its research to help organizations improve the quality of their work, SEI established three core areas of importance: people, procedures and methods, and tools and equipment. It is the belief that processes are what hold all of these elements together. Since its inception in 1995, CMMI has focused on the importance of process effectiveness and efficiency and the support it provides people and technology.

Each CMMI constellation is built on a framework of process areas that are interrelated processes that should be addressed to instill best practices and improve performance. Each process area is composed of a collection of practices that when applied together, fulfill various goals within the process. All CMMI models contain sixteen core processes that contain key similarities in each framework, but also may be modified to fit a specific area of interest. Each Process Area consists of specific goals and specific practices unique to an individual process area as well as generic goals and generic practices which correspond to each process area. A process area is considered satisfied when both the specific goals and practices and generic goals and practices are successfully implemented.

How we assist our customers

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