Transition Services ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015

Every business is unique and each business is at a different stage in their ISO 9001:2015 transition journey. That’s why we offer solutions that are just as unique as you.

You have until September 23, 2018, to transition your Organizations QMS to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Is your team ready? Are you ready? Allow QMaaS to assist you and your team QMS project.

We will assist you to define the following:

  • Define context of the organization.
  • List all interested parties
  • Review the scope of the QMS
  • Demonstrate leadership
  • Align QMS objectives with the company’s strategy.
  • Assess risks and opportunities.
  • Control documented information.
  • Operational control.
  • Review the design and development process.
  • Control of external providers.
  • Performance evaluation.
  • Measurement and reporting.

And will Implement using our 5 phased approach:

Phase I Preparation

  • Prepare Project Charter
  • Select a Register
  • Determine Certification Requirements
  • Determine Timeline
  • Identify Initial and Recurring Costs

Phase II Documentation

  • Prepare Project Schedule
  • Prepare Required Documentation
  • Identify Critical Process Areas
  • Identify Quality Objectives

Phase III Implementation

  • Conduct Transition Training
  • Perform Internal Audits
  • Verify Process Implementation
  • Verify Records Availability
  • Conduct Management Review
  • Onsite Stage 1 Audit Performed by Registrar
  • Apply Corrective Actions If Required


Phase IV Certification

  • Onsite Stage 2/Certification Audit Performed by Registrar
  • Apply Corrective Actions if Required
  • Close Out Audit Findings

Phase V Continuing Assessments/Recertification and Maintenance of the System

  • Establish Internal Audit Schedule
  • Perform Internal Audits
  • Establish Management Review Meeting Schedule
  • Gather Quality Objective Metrics
  • Perform Management Review Meetings
  • Establish Document Review Process
  • Develop Annual Quality Training
  • Maintain the Quality Management System
  • Ensure Sustainment of Certification