ISO 9001:2015 Implementation Services

Quick Summary

  • Transition Mapping
  • 5 Phased Approach in 3 to 6 Months
  • Training Services
  • A Dedicated Consultant to Assist you with the Transition
  • Expert Support Services


QMaaS offers everything you need to implement or update your Quality Management System to be compliant to the changes in the ISO Standard. Whether you are transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 or starting a new implementation, we can assist you in every step.

Transitioning Assistance:

Every organization is different: likewise, the steps needed to adjust your management system are unique to your situation.

Our training materials include modules on Risk-Based Thinking, Context of the Organization, Internal Auditor Training, Top Management Training, a Correlation Matrix to assist with changes in the new structure and terminology, and updated materials and documentation to properly address changes in the standard.

  • Dedicated Consultant to Help with Transition
  • Consultant Assistance with Creating your Transition Project Plan
  • Weekly Management Meetings
  • Consultant Assistance with Management Review
  • Consultant Assistance with Internal Audit
  • Assistance with Audit Findings

Complete Implementations:

We have built a 5 phased approach to ensure you experience a successful implementation.  Our 5 phases are outlined below:

Phase I Preparation

  • Select a Register
  • Determine Certification Requirements
  • Determine Timeline
  • Identify Initial and Recurring Costs

Phase II Documentation

  • Prepare Project Schedule
  • Prepare Project Charter
  • Prepare Required Documentation
  • Identify Critical Process Areas
  • Identify Quality Objectives

Phase III Implementation

  • Conduct QMS Orientation Training
  • Perform Internal Audits
  • Verify Process Implementation
  • Verify Records Availability
  • Conduct Management Review
  • Onsite Stage 1 Audit Performed by an Accredited Registrar
  • Apply Corrective Actions if Required

Phase IV Certification

  • Onsite Stage 2/Certification Audit Performed by Registrar
  • Apply Corrective Actions if Required
  • Close out Audit Findings

Phase V Continuing Assessments/Re-certification And Maintenance Of The System

  • Establish Internal Audit Schedule
  • Establish Management Review Meeting Schedule
  • Establish Document Review Process
  • Develop Annual Quality Training
  • Maintain the Quality Management System