Training Services

Our training is 100% custom-made per the requirements of your organization. The training follows the methodology I learned as a supervisor in the Military; show it, teach it, practice it, and do it.  For example, our Audit training consists of full interactions that allow for class presentations, how to conduct opening meetings, mock audits, what audit documents and records are required, how to document findings, how to hold a closing meeting, and how to write the audit report.  ISO has requirements for training which ensure that all employees understand how their role relates to the performance and its relevance to them.

  • ISO Awareness Training
  • ISO Implementation Training
  • ISO Management Training
  • Controlled Document Training
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • ISO Documentation Training
  • CMMI SVC Process Area Training
  • CMMI Dev Process Area Training
  • Annual Required Training

Process of Training

Project managers and Team leaders are trained on ISO standards and implementation to be more effective. This increased effectiveness leads to a more efficient system and effective implementation process

Train all Employees

Introduce all employees to ISO through a requirements training and inform them of what their involvement is during an audit  This will lower the anxiety that is caused by not knowing what is going on or expected of them.

Our awareness training covers:

  • What ISO is and why it is important for your organization to do this
  • How ISO impacts employee work and how they can impact quality of the products and services they deliver
  • Where they can help the organization and be one of the team

Train Your Project Teams

Project team members will need to understand how the standard applies to them in more detail to do their job more effectively.

Train Internal Auditors

Internal Auditors will need an understanding of ISO and how to perform Internal Auditing.